Volume 49,Issue 2,2024 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  


Research progress and application status of partial glyceride lipase[Abstract][PDF]

Research progress on application of immobilized enzyme technology in oil refining and structural lipid preparation[Abstract][PDF]


History,current status and future perspective of Oils and Fats Museum of China[Abstract][PDF]


Effects of microwave pretreatment on storage stability of tiger nut and lipid concomitant content of its oil[Abstract][PDF]

Optimization of alkali refining process for cottonseed miscella[Abstract][PDF]


Comparison in flavor of high-oleic acid fragrant peanut oil and common fragrant peanut oil[Abstract][PDF]

Antioxidant effect of complexed antioxidants on peony seed oil emulsion[Abstract][PDF]

Effect of decoction conditions on the quality of tallow-based hotpot oil[Abstract][PDF]

Changes of flavor quality of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. oil and Zanthoxylum armatum DC. oil during accelerated oxidation[Abstract][PDF]


Isolation and stability of antimicrobial peptide fraction from Prinsepia utilis Royle[Abstract][PDF]

Effect of high-temperature acid precipitation on the quality of soybean protein isolate[Abstract][PDF]

Processing technology of extruded soybean powder and its application in feed[Abstract][PDF]


Separation and extraction of sterol esters by column chromatography from the waste residue of soybean oil deodorizer distillate[Abstract][PDF]

Research progress on extraction and purification methods of phytosterols[Abstract][PDF]


Screening of biocontrol bacteria against peanut postharvest Aspergillus flavus contamination and its prevention effect[Abstract][PDF]

Construction of bacterial carrier by modified activated carbon and its adsorption of AFB1 from maize[Abstract][PDF]

Quantitative analysis of extra virgin olive oil adulterated with pressed rapeseed oil based on PCA-SVM and confocal Raman spectroscopy[Abstract][PDF]


Optimization of grading process of walnut shell and kernel mixture by vibrating screen based on EDEM[Abstract][PDF]

Process optimization of cottonseed protein and raffinose production from cottonseed meal[Abstract][PDF]

Application of electronic traceability system in edible oil production enterprises[Abstract][PDF]


Nutritional components of wild walnut kernel and fatty acid composition, thermal characteristics of its oil[Abstract][PDF]

Nutritional components analysis of 9 main varieties of Carya illinoinensis introduced in Yunnan[Abstract][PDF]


Effect of different peanut oils on dough characteristics of mooncake crust and quality of mooncake[Abstract][PDF]

Effect of palm sap sugar on blooming properties of oleogel-based chocolate[Abstract][PDF]

Application of ′ Three Degree′ method in nutrition assessment for nut: A case study of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)[Abstract][PDF]

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